Cold Emailing Through Toutapp

I send all of my outreach emails through Toutapp.  It integrates with Salesforce and Gmail and is extremely easy to use.

Once signed up for Toutapp you’ll want to create your first template.  If you don’t know how to use TA, just visit their Customer Lounge during business hours and ask them anything.  Their customer support is excellent.

When sending a cold email, you’ll want to first create a template in the Templates Tab.  Just hit the Green “+New Template” button and choose a category and title.  This is where you can start A/B testing and multivariable testing Subject lines and copy.

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 10.34.48 PM

A/B Testing/Multivariable Testing

Your sample size should be large enough to tell you if changes truly make a difference, but small enough not to waste too many resources.  For example, if I have a 10,000 person list and I email 1,000 people and get way fewer responses than anticipated, I can move on to the new list and not waste time emailing the rest of it.  500 maybe be too small of a sample size but, 1,000 should be enough.

If you’re testing Subject lines, choose a title like *topic* v1 and *topic* v2 for an A/B test.  Test those on maybe 200 people each.  You can do a multivariable list if you have a large list that you know is converting, and do four different Subject variations.

Once you have a Subject line that works, try changing the intro sentence only of your body, or only changing the call to action.  Now run another test and see which email is converting the best; this is how you optimize your emails.  In the beginning, you can try very different copy.  Once you have a framework that converts, try smaller changes.  Make sure you’re testing them on the same lists so you know the conversion isn’t due to the list source.

Also, always remember to add a link that will allow the user to click through to.

Dynamic Fields

In your body, you can start playing with Dynamic Fields.  To customize your emails, insert something like {first name} and it will pull in the contact’s first name that was imported into Toutapp.  I’ll get to this in the Mass Emailing section below.

While you’re writing your cold email, think about what kind of info would be nice to personalize in your email that you currently have tied to your leads.  Do you have the link to their website in your spreadsheet?

For example, the intro sentence can be, “I came across your work at {website} and…”.  When sent, it will pull in the website associated with the email address of the recipient, as long as it’s mapped to the spreadsheet.  Once your template is ready, click Save.

Mass Emailing

If you’re using Toutapp to send out one email at a time, cool.  The best way to utilize TA is to send multiple emails with the same body to different recipients.  You can add some Dynamic Fields to the body to customize it a bit.

Say you have a list on a spreadsheet of 100 contacts you’d like to email.  You can upload a .csv directly to the Relationships page via the green + New Group button.  Map your dynamic fields and import the spreadsheet.  Then hit the blue Email Group button.

The most important thing is to make sure your spreadsheet is clean and doesn’t have any unnecessary characters.  Choose the template you just created and try sending a test email to yourself.  Once it works, send away.

Conversion Stats

Go back to the template that was recently sent to see all the stats.

You’ll be able to view Template Analytics to check Emails Sent, Open Rates, Click Through Rates, and Response Rates.  Content and Feedback will allow you to view the email body.  Emails Sent Using Template will show you each individual email and how many times it was viewed.  You can also Share this template with your team if it’s high converting.

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 10.42.35 PM
Here’s what a Template Analytics tab looks like.

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 10.34.27 PM

It gives me all the numbers I need to compare this template to others.

Integrations/Signature/Live Feed

Head over to the Integrations page to integrate Toutapp with CRMs, Email Clients, Email Servers, Tracking, or Browsers.  Here’s how I’ve integrated it.

  • Salesforce Integration allows our emails to be synced into our CRM.
  • Gmail Integration allows us to Tout It from our Gmail inbox which BCCs Salesforce.
  • Chrome Integration allows us to send an email from anywhere on the web using Toutapp instead of Gmail or Outlook.
  • We use our own SMTP as it allows us to send more emails per day and makes things move more quickly.

Click on your name at the top right of Toutapp and hit Identity.  Edit your signature to match your normal email signature.

Open the Live Feed tab to see who’s opening your emails in real time.  It might be a perfect time for a follow up ;-)  You can actually call the lead from the Live Feed tab if setup correctly.

Sign up for Toutapp here!

In upcoming posts, I’ll get into good and bad email campaigns and CRMs for growing startups.

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